Little Known Benefits to Installing a Water Fountain in your Home or Institution

Who doesn’t like water fountains? They can truly spruce up your garden, park, institutional setting or estate, by adding a certain element of class and beauty to your landscape setup. What most people do not know, however, is that in addition to the aesthetic beauty, having a water fountain on your property actually provides you with health benefits. How, you ask? The key component here is sound.

Meditation and yoga are becoming more popular means of unwinding and keeping a healthy mind, spirit and body. Most instructors and people who regularly practice these activities recommend relaxing music being played softly in the background to set and maintain the peaceful mood. There are industries, whether they be electronic companies that create sound machines, or music streaming services which offer set playlists, that specialize in this very area. While these methods are nice, there is something missing; they are not authentic. In order to truly embrace the peace and tranquility of yoga and meditation, the most preferred method is to have a natural sound source. Since we all don’t live on the beach, the easiest way to have access to this natural sound is to have a waterfall on your property.

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*Credit Urban Studios*